Facebook Ads Guide & Tutorial Kit

With over 20 Million users on Facebook, there is no way that you cannot potentially grow your business and close more sales on this popular social media platform, and what better way to go about it than to run paid ads? Organic reach of Facebook pages is currently down, meaning less people see your posts on your Facebook page. With that said, paid advertising is the way to go as it gives results faster, and reaches more people.

For most small businesses, advertising agencies are rather too expensive when you are just starting out. This mini guide and tutorial is designed to help you execute your first Facebook ad as simple as 1,2,3.


Who is this tutorial kit for?

This tutorial kit is fit for any business. Are looking to increase walk in clients? Are you trying to increase online sales? It does not matter the size of the business and what it does, whether its local or national, Facebook advertising could work for you, and this kit will help you achieve your desired goals!

What do you get from purchasing this Guide and Tutorial Kit?

  1. Step by step PDF guide to help you understand Facebook ads, and its different objectives and which one’s are best to use.
  2. Three part video guide that will help you to execute your Facebook ad step by step.
  3. BONUS!! Free 1 Hour virtual consultation for your first ad via teams or zoom!!

Promo Price: R200 once off